Luxury Myth #1- I need the best pictures

  A recent survey shows professional pictures had little to no effect for final price and days on market for homes worth 1 million and up. Homes benefiting the most from professional pictures were listed between $400,000 to $500,000. Now, of course common sense dictates that first impressions and presentation are important and help increase interest in your home. However, at a higher price point, there is so much more that a buyer is looking for. For example, dock size; beachfront or harbor; location on the harbor or beach; wine cellar; elevator; movie theatre; how much work the home needs, etc… and in the end, it always comes down to price. So seller beware of the agent song and tap dance about how great their photographer is. Photographers are independent contractors who advertise themselves to all the brokerages. Most of us use the same photographers anyway. Good photos are necessary, but should not be included in the sales pitch, as they’re only one very small piece of the puzzle. TIP: A good appraisal with accurate comps, and an agent with the ability to effectively negotiate on your behalf is the place to start.